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The ABCs of Children’s Ministry


“I have known David for over 20 years. David has inspired me with his long term passion to reach, equip and release a generation of children. Over the years David has produced some excellent resources on leadership for kids as well as practical activity based learning experiences. In this book David has put together decades of experience to impart to you his wisdom in the various areas of ministry to children. David’s book will be an invaluable resource to further equip you to reach and disciple children to become world changing leaders. I commend this book to you.”
Pastor Andrew Shepherd, Executive minister Edge Church International
Founder of Kids R Us Australia
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This manual has eleven sixty-minute training programs and is a greatly needed and invaluable resource for training leaders from age twelve and up. It is very interactive with lots of challenging and enjoyable activities.

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Foundations for Children

These lessons have great Scripture content and are designed to take children into a deep and meaningful relationship with God. They include easy to prepare skits, object lessons and opportunities for children to respond. The workbooks give them something to keep that reminds them about what they have learnt. There are also relevant activities for them to do and times for them to look up Scriptures.

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Children Experiencing God

Children Experiencing God

10 sessions to take children from listening and learning to responding and experiencing.

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Aliens 1 eternal struggle

ALIENS 1 [The Eternal Struggle]
This curriculum has eight lessons that help children understand exactly what a Christian is, how Christians are different from other people and how to live victoriously.
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Children Hearing the Voice of God

Providing you with eight lessons where children learn about how God speaks to us and then experience hearing his voice through a number of practical opportunities.
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Hearing the Voice of God

This version is for older readers wishing to learn about hearing the voice of God and exercise practical opportunities.
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David Sykes is by far the best game creator I have ever known! His games are fun, challenging, exciting, and sometimes just a little bit scary! I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in these games over many years, and have seen just how effective and powerful they can be at engaging kids at camps and other events.
Andrew Kable – Children and Youth Pastor at C3Victory, Charlestown



This manual includes many spectacular games that have brought joy and great memories to thousands of children and hundreds of leaders over many years.

PAINT WARS. Lots of colour and fun.
KINGDOM CHALLENGE. A sophisticated version of Paint Wars that involves Stingers, Kings, Flamethrowers, Troops and Kidnappers. Fast moving and challenging!
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Golden eggs, bandits and impossible odds make this night game amazing.
BIBLE CHALLENGE: Look up Scriptures, figure out the word and find numbers before anyone else.
PICTURE PERFECT: Match the picture to the landscape.
EXTINCTION: This night game is the all time favourite. It is a tense game of avoiding Guardians while rescuing rare specimens.

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