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I have known David for over 10 years. I have seen his resources in use and would recommend them to you. These are great tools to equip our kids to impact our world for good.

Andrew Shepherd – Founding Director of KidsRUs Australia


‘David inspired me to look at kids church as being an invitation to encourage our children to get to know God in a real way’

‘Anything an adult does in church children can do’

‘God’s heart is to have a relationship with everyone, regardless of age’

Chriss Halyburton. C3 Merewether


Ps David Sykes understands what engages and inspires children. His heart is to connect children to God in a real way. The curriculum is fresh, easy to understand and extremely well thought out. It encourages children to expand their thoughts of God and encourages leaders to develop deeper concepts with their children.

Chriss Halyburton. C3 Merewether


We at Zion Church in Melbourne Australia Inc. invited Pastor David Sykes for a family and Kids conference during the month of August 2013. The Ministry of Pastor David is truly remarkable in many areas especially:

1- The ability to communicate with the Children in their world is so amazing.

2- The prophetic ministry that helps children to encounter God is truly life changing.

3- The servant and humble heart he has helps children draw more to God and receive the message easily.

4- The uncompromising and undiluted gospel helps the children and adults to see the will of God more clearly.

5- The total dependence he has on the Spirit of God makes his message and training effective and impacting.

We all recommend him highly, especially for Churches who are serious about their Children’s Ministry being fruitful and impacting this generation and beyond.

Pastor Zelalem D. Teklemariam


David Sykes is a dynamic children’s minister whom I met at a Camp where hundreds of children from various Newcastle churches gathered for a few days away. David’s ministry struck me as being quite different to anything I had encountered before. The leaders gathered weeks before to pray for God’s guidance and we experienced Holy Spirit inspiration. This inspirational, practical style of ministry is how David leads all his meetings. David guided these worship and prayer sessions and was able to glean the Spirit’s leading and sense the direction the camp should take.

He is adept at drawing children into active participation in meetings. In church, the older children were ministering to the younger ones and the younger ones loved the mentoring and attention of the older children. His ministry is different because children aren’t passive participants. His ministry style draws the children to come to Christ. He is a mighty prayer warrior and a great listener- always listening to the Spirit.

Judy Wall. Teacher & Counsellor.


David treats children as intelligent, spiritually sensitive individuals and his creative, inspired methods have every child totally engrossed in what God has to say to them through him.

Children come to understand that they are every bit as well equipped to hear from God and minister in His name as the most eloquent adult because it’s not us, it’s the Holy Spirit.

The impact David has had on our children and dozens of others in our ministry is something we know assisted to ignite a passion in them that will continue all of their lives.

Petone and Krysia Mailo, Children’s leaders, Port Macquarie


We have loved, respected and admired Pastor David Sykes and his lovely wife Janet for a good many years. They served the children of our church with an amazing commitment. They have an ability to impact children at a deeply spiritual level.

David is a very gifted and effective communicator. People of all ages find listening to him to be easy and at the same time challenging. He is a visionary, and his creativity when following his passion has always seemed to us to be boundless. Most importantly, his love for and humble walk with God always shine through. His passion for children to get to know God intimately, and his desire to see them transformed by His Spirit at work in their lives, motivates him to want to minister to them and to train others well to be effective leaders of children.

Pastor Stephen and Helen Blake. Founders – Directors, Liberty for the Nations

Leadership training

Thanks so much for spending time with us at Maitland. The weekend was great and finished on Saturday with our board members finding new direction.  I pray that this will be a start to great things for our church.

Hope Langman Maitland SDA


‘For the last 20 years of working with children, one of the true highlights in working with David has been participating in the amazing games he designs. They have been a constant highlight, (and draw card), to the point where parents have even contacted us to offer to help – just to be involved in the fun!

The success of Dave’s games is a combination of the time he puts into the design, the boundless creativity that empowers each game, the versatility of their use in small or large groups, and the testimony of thousands of children who talk about them for years after.

I have researched countless books and websites on kid’s games and nothing comes close to these. I am always eager to hear Dave say, ‘Can I tell you about my new game.’”

James Grimwood – Primary School Teacher


David Sykes is by far the best game creator I have ever known! His games are fun, challenging, exciting, and sometimes just a little bit scary! I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in these games over many years, and have seen just how effective and powerful they can be at engaging kids at camps and other events.

These games are tried and tested, and I have just as much fun running them as our kids do playing. My favourite is the incredibly tense Extinction – you will find it an instant classic. I have young people still talking about this game more than ten years after they played it!

Andrew Kable – Children and Youth Pastor at C3Victory, Charlestown


My dad has the most amazing, creative brain. He creates games that are challenging, incredibly clever and most of all, fun. Fun for children and leaders alike. The crazy nights I have spent hiding behind trees or submerged in water as a guardian in games like Extinction and Mission Impossible are some of my most precious memories.

All of dad’s games – the big ones and the little ones, are easily adapted to a child care or school setting. I have done this numerous times myself. The games are extremely versatile. They work well for any setting that has children and will create memories the children will cherish for a lifetime.

Lizzy Sykes – Daughter, teacher and After School/Vacation Care worker

Young leaders in Swansea Public School

David Sykes provided a leadership program for our school leadership team at Swansea Public School. The program had a wonderful variety of activities that encouraged problem – solving, discourse and debate, brainstorming and evaluation. The students were required to demonstrate organisational skills and work as a team in a long term project. All our students were thoroughly engaged in the total process and they achieved their personal goals through their participation.

I give my wholehearted support for David and this program and recommend at it as must for any school who are wishing to enhance school leadership practices in a meaningful and valuable way.

Sandra Patterson, Principal, Swansea Public School


Our part of the church is on fire for our mission in the Lord and we are overwhelmed that He sent you to us to encourage us.

Renae Gonis

SRE training

Thank you so much for coming up to Ipswich and sharing from your wealth of experience. The feedback I received from both events has been very positive with many teachers gaining much knowledge as well as enjoying the fellowship.

Suzie Overall, CRI Network Coordinator Ipswich region


We had David Sykes attend our regional Girls’ Brigade camp to run big games and bring a message to our girls.

David came prepared with all the equipment and all the enthusiasm needed to give the girls a great experience for the weekend. The games were challenging and great fun, always encouraging the girls to work together as a team.

David delivered a message on ‘The Greatest Treasure’ and how we need to store up our treasures in heaven and not on earth. When asked to make a commitment – 18 of the 27 girls came forward to pray a prayer of salvation with David.

I can highly recommend David to assist with camps and any children’s activities.

Jenny Fayth, NSW State Commissioner, The Girls’ Brigade


Thank you so much for your kind words. The feedback I received from the team was amazing and they are all feeling already equipped. I really appreciate all your efforts, energy and also your time of preparation and delivery for us today.

Alana Harris, C3 Hope

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